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Monday, 10 August 2015


Designed by Alvar Aalto Finlandia Hall was one of my favourite parts of Helsinki. Completed in 1971 buildings every detail was designed by the architect. Alto believes in design as a total work of art meaning that  he not just designs the building but also its inside including interior, furniture, lamps and so on. 

Finland holds some great examples of architecture and design and it is always pleasure exploring them while there. Some of my other favourites was Rock Church aka Temppeliaukio Church which had such a powerful presence and of course I couldn't walk by Iittala store and not enter it. Btw you will probably recognise this vase from Iittala also designed by Alvar Aalto.

Photos by Madara Freimane

Friday, 7 August 2015


Last weekend I traveled with this girl.

To this city. 
Say hello to Antwerp.

Interesting things just keep happening to us but we try to make the best of them. Firstly Anete’s flight got delayed and she ended up sleeping in the airport since apparently there is no way of getting from Brussels Charleroi to Antwerp after midnight. Loving you Ryanair! Anyone who have ever slept in airport must remember that there is not much of sleeping. #ouch But lets just call it an adventure.

If you ask me what was the most memorable thing about the city I would say literally those two red light district streets that we accidentally came across. You know what I am talking about. I have seen things in my day #ormaybenot but this was the next level. At first we actually thought that those girls standing in windows were just dolls. 

OK, so that image didn’t leave our minds for a while. 

Otherwise the city was super cool. And one full day was enough for those who are thinking of visiting. Luckily for us that exact day Museum Night was happening so we had sightseeing by day and some art by night. 

On the way back we had a quick stop by Brussels and very relaxed meal there. And finally off to airport where our flight was delayed again #thiskeepshappening so we made a funny snapchat story about it. (oh yes I got on snapchat so if anyone is bored out of their lives they can follow me at madarafreimane)

BTW the reason I am finally writing this post is because I am on the boat to Finland for another quick weekend trip. Whooop! I would like to think it is just because I have nameday coming up but mostly it is because my little sister is obsessed with Moomin.

In the photos Anete Liepa
Photos by Madara Freimane

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Some while ago when temperature in London hit "need to get out of here" level aka +29°C. It was time to pack up some stuff and head to beach. While going to Brighton on sunny saturday would be a suicide mission. The only place busier than Oxford Street before Christmas is Brighton on hot summer weekend. We opted to go bit further first and visit Seven Sisters Cliffs. 

It was perfectly relaxing and calm! England has so many cool beaches to offer once it gets sunny here! And, yes, still need to have that Cornwall road trip!

Alexa was coming with me as she was the only person ready to jump on this idea last minute.

In the photos Alexa Chen
Photos by Madara Freimane

Thursday, 2 July 2015


My "ultimate mission" while at Tatra mountains was to catch some great sunset. So I walked uphill, went 15 min off road, got lost ... a bit,  just to realise that sun sets behind mountains.

So this is all I got!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


We begun our trip with a visit to Tatra mountains in Slovakia. Since we had three-year-old kid with us (a.k.a. my sister), who was ready to conquer mountains in theory and not so much in practice hahaha, I decided to kill two birds with one stone while here, therefore, I woke up really early in the morning to get in some proper climb before breakfast while everyone is asleep and then have a family time later during the day (When learning to do things slowmo. Not good at that, though!!)

The most fun thing about hiking uphill (well besides the VIEWS!!) is running fast speed downhill!

This was from my 4:30 am hike. Way too cool!!

This is my third time in Tatra. I was here before 2004 wind storm, right after it and now here again seeing how the forest is recovering. 

Photos by Madara Freimane

Monday, 15 June 2015


The real summer feel I can only get when coming home. It is different, it is that warm feeling from childhood when air smells like nature and you just keep taking deep breaths to hold onto that freshness. 

Photo by Madara Freimane