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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


This might look like a desperate call for summer but those few sunny days here and there makes me almost feel the taste of this warm season to come. But then again like a slap in my face there are the cloudy, windy and if we are extra lucky also rainy days to completely vanish the whole concept of summer from our heads. But my head ain't listenin and I desperately hold one to those sunny moments. I love this photo that I took month and month ago during fashion week (yes SS15 sounds like ancient times and some would already call this photos vintage hahaha...) because while everyone else go fashion week dressy dressy this girl looks cooler than they all combined!!! 

Photo by Madara Freimane

Saturday, 21 March 2015


You always go out of a good exhibition with some sort of an emotional response. Deep, thought provoking, heavy and moving might be some of the words that comes to the mind. You often question things and have that deep thought process circling your mind for the rest of the day at least. But it is not so often that you come out of an exhibition feeling light and filled with sunny positive energy similar to that you have after watching sunny Woody Allen movie or funny French comedy. But the Richard Diebenkorn exhibition made me feel exactly like that. Maybe those were the happy colours of turquoise blue and sun yellow or maybe it was the feeling of summery warmth that gave this notion but, in simple words, it really was making me happy.

Photos by Madara Freimane

Saturday, 14 March 2015


The national colours of Copenhagen should be red, blue, yellow and a bit of green. In contrast to people who wear black and white the city is very colourful. Perfect balance? What do you think?

Even the water is like from Monet's painting.

I think I spent separate day just to take photos of these houses. You know the feeling when you want to take photos of everything but will really use just one or two of them. Yet you still need the perfect angle, perfect lightning and so on. No wonder my phone was running out of battery constantly and so was my camera.

Photos by Madara Freimane

Friday, 13 March 2015


Just after my deadline I packed my bag and went off to Copenhagen. Because… well because I needed it. A lot. 

And it was amazing - calm, sunny and filled with cool things to do. Plus thanks to Christine I had a partner in crime who showed me around. 

I had been in Denmark before twice but because those times I tried to rule forests instead of cities I hadn't explored Copenhagen before. #you_know_you’re_an_orienteer_when #have_seen_trees_all_over_europa

So because I am probably the luckiest person in the world it was super sunny these past few days and my face might or might not have achieve slightly red tan. #nailed_it #maybe_it's_wind

But here are a few things I learned in/about Copenhagen:
- You probably will get killed by a cyclist… otherwise the city seems safe. But seriously if in London you have to be scared to ride a bike then in Copenhagen you have to be scared from bike riders. 

- They take aesthetics very serious. #no_sweatpants #details_are_everything

- Police is funny in Denmark. You can get ticket for crossing street at red light (and I talk about pedestrians*) so you know jaywalking is a NO NO NO there. Good news is that students get 50% of all fines. Hahahaha be wild while you are young!!! Living on the edge (of the road… literally)!!

* I mean after living in London where every man is for himself - this feels funny.  

So there will probably be few posts coming up because I have photo taking addiction. But I bet you have noticed!!!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


As I have been stressing this term to the level that it is ridiculous and at some point it just felt funny #notsofunny how everything can go so wrong.  I decided my personal shrink Ance decided that I need to chill. In the evening of six-days-before-deadline, when the end of the tunnel seemed as dark as that Alexander Wang collection, we decided that we really want to see some eagles. Happens to all of us. I know. Action plan was set and we googled this Birds Of Prey Centre near Bedford (where by no way we could get using public transport) so the next morning with a little help from a friend (who very surprisingly said yes to our bird watch urge) a car was rented and on the way we were. Alright, there was a tiny bit of backstory why we wanted to see these birds but for the sake of sounding completely spontaneous and nerdy at the same time lets leave it like that hahahaha... 

First of all I can't even explain how much I love road trips and driving out of London. Secondly there are some common knowledge rules about what to do when you go to countryside:

1. Dress warm. Like layers!!!
2. Don't wear your expensive shoes #mudeverywhere 

Lets just put it like this... one of us didn't follow these rules and it wasn't me or Ance hahaha 

Anyways it was one of the coolest days I have had in some while and the birds were majestic!

P.S. This is Ance making friends with owl. The big guns a.k.a. that incredible eagle that I could nearly hold came later!

In the photo Ance Rusova
Photo by Madara Freimane  

Thursday, 26 February 2015


That moment when someone does the complete opposite of layering and it looks utterly cool!

Photo by Madara Freimane