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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Throwback Thursday - Winter Edition

Over holidays I took one too many photos of the white winter we were so lucky to enjoy. Nevertheless, as beautiful as it looks don't be fooled by the sun - it was literally freezing out there and my inability to dress warm since I live in London didn't help either! I have a suspicion that people here are under the impression that snow is an urban myth. You know the same as concept of monsters, vampires and unicorns - it sounds scary but you can never spot one hahahahaa

Anyhow, it made me come up with an tittle for this - frozen finger photography because I literally was taking photos until my fingers were frozen which was followed by a quick run home accompanied by some occasional slips on the ice hahahaa

Photo by Madara Freimane

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Two girls in Richmond Park

A story how two Latvians went to disturb bunch of deers, took 567890 pictures, got their shoes muddier than ever and jumped across some fences (OK just one fence but in order to make us seem super adventurous let there be lots) a.k.a. me and Katrina went wild.

Despite everything you think it ain't that cold here in London*, so with a help of some sunshine we went to Richmond Park that if one would be brought there blindfolded could remind of a safari (I mean not-really-that-hot London Safari but still) and wherever you look it offers some too-cool-to-be-true views including far far away London panorama which arguably is the best of them. 

So obviously we have decided that 2015 must be the most adventurous year so far and keeping that in mind we are planning, planning and exploring. Interestingly if some 5 years ago** I used to measure everything price in how many dresses I can buy for it, which went sort of like this oh you bought a new TV? I could buy 10 dresses for that price. However, now I measure everything in the trips I could make for that money and it goes like this - new coat or Paris, new sneakers or Antwerp... new coat and sneakers or Spain? You know this is how I got over my so called addiction of shopping - my other addiction become stronger! Whoops!

* * *
*Which obviously I would deny saying if someone asks. You know when one person complains about weather everyone agrees. Oh yes, yes... "soooo cold" brrrrrr! I call it SOCIAL PRESSURE. But actually just because for winter holidays we had snow in Latvia this feels like child's game or already kind of spring. 

**Those times when dresses where cheaper and people still watched TV hahahahaaa...

In the photo Katrīna Lipska
Photo by Madara Freimane

Friday, 9 January 2015


Or is it?

Somehow clouds from Magritte's paintings are also covering the sky of Brussels (just in much, much more greyer shade) and even though it is not raining men it is definitely RAINING - constantly. Well except for that short moment when it got sunny right before the sunset and I was like REALY, SUN, REEAALLY? now you decided to appear? 

BTW if you wonder what's with those Magritte's references. It turns out that he comes from Belgium so my trip suddenly takes a quite surreal turn.

To be continued...

Photo by Madara Freimane

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I had already forgotten what does winter means. But gonna survive it with a hot cup of tea, warm car and one too many layers of clothing. Because you ain't get these views without a bit of fffrrreeezzziiinnngg.

Photo by Madara Freimane