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Friday, 19 September 2014


Have you heard? All the universe has moved to Milan taking along the models, make-up artists, photographers and all the super stylish crowd. But all I think is: Why am I still here? Because I might not speak Moschino but I definitely can speak some Italiano!  Ahhh Milano, ti amo molto! But in the meantime I will unapologetically greet everyone with a very sunny Ciao, Bella!, browse through Prada's newest masterpiece and gush: Bravo, BRAVO!!! with every look! And maybe, just maybe, loose my northern calmness and cause some real Italian scene. You know just for the sake of an Italian spirit! Hahahaaa!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Fashion Week is a crazy time full of fancy dressed people and busy schedules. It is that time of a year when a fear of wasting a great outfit for an insignificant day completely vanishes! It is the time you go all in. You might say those are just clothes but better don’t do it because you could get escorted to the never ever land and NEVER EVER come back. Boo! Scared you?

But for the starters just watch this video to realise that #1, yes, sometimes it is a “bit" ridiculous! That #2 never ever talk to people with camera if you don’t know what you are talking about. Like I would say stupid things in front of a camera even if I know what I am talking about! haahaa And #3 that people like to pretend that they know more then they do - A LOT!!!

OK so where was I? Oh yes, staying sane. 

First of all, better don't wear heels. I mean you can if you want (and if you have a driver and if you are Carine Roitfeld or if you like challenges) but while flats are like the coolest footwear choice at the moment, I say, use it!

Please, don’t tell me that I sound like your Mom but eat your breakfast. Or else you will binge on popcorn, “beauty drink” (really... is anyone suggesting that fashion people are in need for a beauty drink?!?! Ouch!), coconut water (yuk!!), dried fruit (yummy!!) and some Asian food (kinda taking it to the next level this season.) But we talked about it some while ago already!!
And if this doesn’t convince you then better imagine how you will sound after a few cocktails on an empty stomach at yet another presentation. “Howw wazz Burbz?! I #looooooved Burbzzzz!!! Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol!!!” while stumbling on you high heels.

And for a reality check read some actual news. It is super easy to get carried away with The Planet Fashion but there are more things happening than just that incredible The Row collection we all want to live in. I mean a good reminder that will let you not to sweat the small stuff or any stressful situations during FW!

But all in all Fashion Week is like super long celebrations and celebration just sounds like a best plan EVER!

Photo by Madara Freimane
In the photo Tiffany Hsu

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Colours outside the Burberry!

The funny thing is that this girl had somehow managed to predict the exact colours that happened in Burberry Prorsum few minutes later! Sixth sense? Possibly!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Monday, 15 September 2014


Lets talk about outfit planing. The one thing I never do. Shhhh!!!! Don't tell anyone. They can see it for themselves. I mean the other day my look was Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible with a last minute decision of putting on some trousers. Phew, right! Good choice! But some people... I mean fashion people are brilliant like that - they master every single look and Leaf Greener is the cutest little thing ever, always looking like million dollars!!!

In the photo Leaf Greener
Photo by Madara Freimane 

Sunday, 14 September 2014


I would write you a super long post here but I feel like falling asleep right on this spot. I know, I know, it's fashion week - deal with it!!! And I am... I mean my deal is bed. OK, but in few words, it has been super exciting! Like this sh*t is unreal exciting! So just hold on a bit and I will have loads to show and tell to you!!! But until then sweet dreams!!!

Photo by Madara Freimane


Photo by Madara Freimane

Saturday, 13 September 2014


You think I talk about my own experience? Pfff, nonsense! My hair doesn't do braids. At least for now... but just wait for it, just wait!!! Frankly my hair is a royal pain in the ass at the moment. The most weirdest length ever. But lets not get into that. OK, seriously braids are so cool and on and off runway is dominated by them! 

Photo by Madara Freimane