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Monday, 27 October 2014

OK... Hey there!

We are totally under the spell of university and researching full speed like 24/7 (In your dreams, Madara! Actually like 6/7 but still working quite a great deal!) And except for my and Ance's throw back thursdays (ok... maybe sundays where we put on some music we used to listen as a teenagers - hello, The All American Rejects. Yes, it is totally on hahaha and do some embarrassing singalong) we work a lot. And even for those moments of pure laziness we try to consume some knowledge by watching tons of online discussions and talks or treat ourselves with some fashion films.

Speaking of which here are few videos if you haven't seen them already:

For all the Philophiles ... oh you know I am talking about you, you little Celine lovers!
As well as for those who are totally into being more "personal" with Miu Miu.
Or for the moments when we get much more serious and really question our choices that we make with every purchase.

And of course in the photo is Alexa - with whom I will be working a lot this term. So hopefully you will see some cool results soon!

In the photo Alexa Chen
Photo by Madara Freimane

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


This struck us three weeks ago when endlessly scrolling through instagram (ahhh yes, I know it's an addiction!!! Stop it, stop it... I, seriously, tell it to myself every day. Hahahaaa) we came across Katrina's impossible adventures in Dover and the super cool video she did. After realising that Dover isn't some far far away Kingdom but rather a city situated only 2 hours ride from London. We were like: OK... Hey there! Let's GO!

Frankly it wasn't really about the city but about the white cliffs that surround it's shore. I mean, it felt like something unreal! Like are we really in England unreal! Luckily, we weren't the only ones in doubt as our phone reception would suggest France as our location. Should I maybe say Bonjour?

You don't have to ask us twice if something involves loads of hiking up and down. But even we weren't as adventurous as some grandmas'n'grandpas that we saw jumping across the fence. I am not kidding! But I guess: Once a badass, always a badass! 

And then of course after a long walk that I managed to capture probably step by step (hello, photo addition!!!) we reached lighthouse inside which we found the most beautiful tea room. Definitely was worth the walk!

In the photo Ance Rusova
Photo by Madara Freimane

Friday, 3 October 2014

I can smell autumn in the air. It's my favourite scent in the world.

The sweetest thing happened few days ago. 

It was one of those warm and sunny autumn afternoons and while strolling through the calm streets of Hampstead with Christine she suddenly jumped like remembering the most important thing. "I brought you something!" she told me. After few-second-search through her bag she pulled out a red leaf. "It fell on my head this morning and I thought of you." she said. Knowing my great affection for colourful autumn this made me smile like a little kid again. Just how little I need to be purely happy.

And I know, you know that I have an issue with the brown autumn here in London. I might sound like a five-year-old but I need those colourful leaves in my life. Nevertheless, it seems like mother nature has forgotten to gift the trees around here with that deep red and sunshine yellow pigment. So there you go - this is like my ultra weird obsession of finding something colourful in these fields of brrrooowwwnn!

But with an utter persistence I did stumble upon possibly the only vivid tree around here. Just imagine the view if everything would look like this. Like in a wonderland!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Friday, 19 September 2014


Have you heard? All the universe has moved to Milan taking along the models, make-up artists, photographers and all the super stylish crowd. But all I think is: Why am I still here? Because I might not speak Moschino but I definitely can speak some Italiano!  Ahhh Milano, ti amo molto! But in the meantime I will unapologetically greet everyone with a very sunny Ciao, Bella!, browse through Prada's newest masterpiece and gush: Bravo, BRAVO!!! with every look! And maybe, just maybe, loose my northern calmness and cause some real Italian scene. You know just for the sake of an Italian spirit! Hahahaaa!

Photo by Madara Freimane