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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pfff... RAIN!?!

You can feel autumn so much!!!! in the air that you want to scream that it is still august outside come on... leave us alone, at least for few more days, and you start humming rain, rain go away - come again another day! But truth is truth, evan I can't deny it I am leaving for London rather soon and once you accept it you kinda start to like autumn and singing in the rain takes over that musical place you call your mind. But, seriously, guys I want to go to see some musical once I come back to London. 

But just to remind you of summer, summer, summer here is my sister from those days when you could run around without a jacket and preferred drinks with loads of ice instead of a hot tea! Ice-cream was the official food at least for this one! And my sister couldn't stand still for more than 2 seconds... oh, wait that is still true!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Sunday, 24 August 2014


We arrived at Sankt Veit late at night after a long and unwilling drive away from our beloved Italy. (Leave or not to leave? ...was the question that occupied our minds when we had our last swim still in ITA) So even though we remembered serpentines and serpentines uphill during complete darkness and quit a scary ride, we would never ever imagined to wake up to these kind of views outside of our window. Yes, we had arrived at Austria!!! The air was bit more chilly and everything was covered with a deep fog but once it vanished it uncovered the most spectacular view! And, yes, although you probably wish to hear all about our crazy* drive back home. Just stop for a second and enjoy the view!

* * *

*OK, Okey I know you have deserved some pretty roadtrippy details so here it comes:

 Since we never had enough time for like anything. Which only leads to a revelation that road trip should be approximately way-way-much-longer-like-a-year-long-perhaps ... we ended up driving a lot during the nights. So if you thought that driving in Switzerland at night is a scary sh*t then try to add some fog, heavy rain to it!!!!! Yes the drive trough Austria still managed to test our skills. It sounded like this: road is bending right then left, long beam, short beam... hey I can't see anything? Oh, yes we have no beam!!! But safe and sound we got through Austria. 

The other thing that kind of makes your drive fairly difficult during the dark hours of the day is your natural need for sleep. This means that, even though, I managed to slap myself waaayyy too many times in order to keep my eyes open - you always have to be careful and know your limits. Nevertheless, a very effective thing is to have a 10 min nap when tiredness occurs and you feel fresh and energised again. So during a nightly ride through Poland it had come a time for a 10 min nap. We stopped at the nearest gas station, laid our chairs back and closed our eyes. However, when we opened them it was bright outside and clock was showing 6:00 AM! 10 min or 5 hours... who knows the difference? #andtheysayyoushouldntsleepingasstations #nonsense 

Last but and not the least important detail is: When car asks for a fuel - fill the fuel! This is rather a crucial thing to consider and better earlier than latter or otherwise you will end up like us - at night, on a newly build highway, with 20 km left to drive and no gas station in our sight. Luckily, we managed but if we wouldn't you might still find us on some empty Polish roads. #almostnotfunny #hahaa

BTW I know these are just numbers but together we drove 4 897 km!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Thursday, 14 August 2014

So what we didn't find the Romeo?!?

If you ever tell a Veronese person that you are going to see the Juliet's Balcony they simply cringe: Ahhh, Juliet?!? No, no! Così turistica! It didn't even happen in Verona! And just because by the time we were so willing to embody a real Italiana we would happily nod si, si!! and cringe along. Pfff... us tourists? Never! 

There must be way more about Verona than that! And there was. So scusa Romeo, maybe some other time!

OK, ok... the closest we got to the Romeo was a cute artist at Giardino Guisti but it was simply too hot for yet another Italian drama. (Wait, what do I mean with another? Well with our girls we never kiss and tell hahahaa)

Oh, and I know you have seen a lot of architecture lately but you are destined to see some more!!! Because houses that are coloured so vibrant just makes people so happy!! Oh, Italians, Italians! They live beautifully

Photos by Madara Freimane

Monday, 11 August 2014


You know navigation is like your old computer - you can't fully trust it but you still have to relay on it. And believe me we had more than a few adventures with our good old "helper" hahaaa. One of them occurred when we finally got on a smaller roads to go for an evening swim at Lago di Garda. And with small roads I mean rreeaaallly tiny and !!!hilly!!! ones. Would have been a very picturesque drive if only my eyes wouldn't have been glued to the road and my feet frozen. Ahh vineyards and their labyrinth roads. Need to learn how to #drivelikeanItalian but we are getting there!

Of course you would think that at that single moment when we drove off the main road where e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e was driving we should have thought: "Oh, maybe (and just m-a-y-b-e) we should check some settings (out of a curiosity you know)." But main roads are boring and we don't do boring hahahhaa! (At least in one direction and while it is still daylight)

After this the only way to calm down our shaky legs (ok wasn't that bad) was to go for a refreshing swim at the lake. The sun was setting and the the little town was vibrating from an Italian spirit - music, dancing, food and wine!!! Perfetto!!

For our accommodation that night we had chosen an Italian house a bit outside Verona. It was surrounded by never ending hills of vineyards! Just imagine - the views!! the views!!! (Believe me the morning run was very impressive and very uphill too) However, the place looked like from a Woody Allen movie where we organised film-worthy dinner in the wonderful outside garden!!! Couldn't love Airbnb more!

But what's for dinner? Pasta, pasta, PASTA! Mmmmolto buona!

In the photo Anete Liepa
Photos by Madara Freimane

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Duomo di Milano

It took 400 years to build it - no wonder it took us 4 hours to visit it. Grand!

Photo by Madara Freimane

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How's Milan treating us?

Ciao, ciao Italia! Ciao Milano!

In the morning of our very first day in Milan I woke up early so I can go for a run and unintentionally (with no map) but intentionally (with an inner radar) end up running till Milan's Dome. Yes, yes, yes! Just for the reality check that I am actually here!!! (You know, it was dark when we arrived and with Italy + Us = You never know!!! Hahahahaa!!!) And maybe after all - All roads leads to Dome of Milan?!?

The one thing that you might think is unreal about this country is how (they drive&park!!! Haven't had so much laugh in some while #parklikeanItalian) well-dressed and perfectly put together the men are here. Makes me want to go in a shower one more time pay a visit to hairdresser!! And personal tailor wouldn't hurt either #justsaying You have seen it in The Sartorialist, Fashion Week photos but only when you see it with your own eyes you are like this sh*t is real !!!!! Scusiamo per my language, per favore!

P.S. I am so learning Italian!!! Bella, bella! 
P.S.S. When you hear someone speaking Italian. It feels like a sin to interrupt it with English. Italian sounds like a song and you feel like the only person who has no talent of singing.
P.S.S.S. You have to hear Anete speaking Italian. Mamma Mia! Takes 30 minutes to buy some cheese, and we end up with 5 different ones, and only 2 minutes to get an Italian coffee date hahahaa.  

Photos by Madara Freimane

Monday, 4 August 2014


OK, I know that firstly we have to talk about Anete's dress. Which by a bit too cute waiter was described as, and I quote: "Wind in the front. Wind in the back. Open Doors." Hahahaaa!!! Couldn't wear anything better for +30 °C. A dress with ventilation!!!

But now lets talk about Zürich - the city of dreams were everything is clean, organised, people look well, dress well, drive very well cars and all in all it looks like a fairy tale! Since I visited it 3 years ago I knew that I must return so we included it in our road trip's to see list! And just as in my memories it was still as beautiful as ever! 

Simply because I was so willing to show girls every single bit of this city in the next few hours we had there, before we left for Milan, I begun to act more like a sports coach than a tour guide. It sounded like: "Concentrate, girls!!! Lets go, lets go, lets go!!" And for the rest of the trip it stayed as an inside joke. Once my thoughts flew somewhere away, I could here: "Concentrate, Madara, con-cen-trate!" Hahahaha

But you know... I can't help myself! Just look at it!

In the photo: Anete Liepa
Photos by Madara Freimane